His Holiness-e XIV Dalai Lama with Lodrö Rinpoche (April in Fribourg)


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The Venerable Lodrö Rinpoche

is the spiritual Master of the

Dharmacenter Ganden Chökhor

in the swiss mountains.


He knows many Transmissions

of the Gelugs Order and in particular

the Chod Tradition.




A Tibetan Buddhist Master in Switzerland

lodrö rinpocheLodrö Tulku Lobsang Champa Khedup Namgyal Rinpoche was born in east Tibet in 1942 and was declared a Tulku when he was three years old. He is the fifth Tulku in a lineage of masters who dedicated themselves above all to the study and practice of the Chöd. The second Lodrö Tulku Jampa Tempel Rinpoche was a very well-known Chöd master and a great authority in his field. He was considered to be the manifestation of Padampa Sangyes, the teacher of Machig Labdrön. He performed outstanding deeds and compiled many important texts. Several of his students became famous themselves. The third Lodrö Tulku died young. The fourth in the series of incarnations was the Chöd master, Lodrö Tulku Lobsang Namgyal Rinpoche. He was also considered to be a manifestation of Padampa Sangye, and in the course of his life practiced Chöd for countless sentient beings.

lodrö rinpocheAs the fifth incarnation of this lineage, Lodrö Rinpoche received a traditional monk’s education, where he was carefully prepared for his task as a spiritual teacher. As a little monk of seven years old, he received the Chöd initiation from his first teacher, Geshe Jampa Khedup Rinpoche. Many significant teachers of the Gelugpa school taught the growing Tulku and transferred to him the wisdom of Buddha Shakyamuni. He received the tradition of the great Lama Tsongkhapa and detailed instructions in his personal area of specialization, the wisdom teaching of Chöd, in the tradition of Machig Labdrön. After his dramatic flight from Tibet, he received full ordination in 1962 from his root teacher, the great Kyabje Trijang Rinpoche.




In 1967 Lodrö Rinpoche was sent to Switzerland by the Dalai Lama to help with the construction of the first Tibetan monastery in Europe. Rinpoche lived for 34 years in the monastery Rikon. Thanks to his fluent knowledge of English and German, as well as his teaching experience at the university of Calcutta, he quickly became an important mediator between East and West. In 1987 he became a Swiss citizen.


lama lodrö rinpocheIn 2000 Rinpoche, together with his western students, founded the center Samdup Dölma Ling – Wish fulfilling Tara Island – in Erlenbach, on the lake of Zürich (www.samdup.org) where he has lived ever since.

Over the years, Lodrö Rinpoche has built up a very extensive collection of rare Buddhist texts, and dedicates a great amount of his time to the translation of these texts into German and English. The practices of the Medicine Buddha and Arya Tara are of particular significance to him.

A devoted teacher, he gives his students lessons and instructions in Lam Rim, Chöd and all disciplines of the Sutras and the Tantras. His chief concern is the transmission of these wisdom teachings to western culture in an authentic manner.